How to Drive Profitability through Building Client Relationships

Free Practice Development Tool Kit
From The Growth Partnership

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According to the recently released 2009 PCPS Top Issues Survey, every firm demographic segment cited “client retention” as their #1 issue or concern. The Loyalty Effect is how firms drive profitability through superior client relationships, even in a challenging economic climate. This kit includes systems designed to elevate your key relationships from “simply satisfied” to “enthusiastic loyalists”.

Your existing client base is your greatest asset. Access the free Practice Development Tool Kit and employ these unique tools to cross sell your advisory services. Tools included in the kit:

  • Client Grading: Use the included client grading tools to define your grading criteria, assess your client base, and best serve your key client relationships.
  • Client SpotLight™: Use the instructions and related SpotLight™ forms to facilitate a client review meeting, prepare a draft of a client communication, prepare for a client meeting, and create a project plan.
  • Client Satisfaction Survey: This survey tool invites your clients to evaluate your performance and services. These questions help assess your clients' satisfaction and loyalty.
  • CRoPs: The CRoPs™ (Clients, Referral opportunities, Prospects, supporting Activities) practice development tool is designed to help you attract new clients, and keep and grow existing clients.

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